On Change Making and Social Matters:

Collective Magazine: Changing Voices, Carrying Everest, The Artist in Residences, Life Without Limits, Like Minds, Woman of Letters, How to Cultivate Happiness, the Bhutanese Way
Huffington Post: What it’s Like to be Marred at 7 years-old
WhyDev: Those Who Make Everest Trekking Possible
Alternative London: The End of Street?: Questionable ‘Development’ for the East, Saving Shoreditch with our Collective Voice, Farm to Face, A Gift For You, Made With Care, Monsters, Young People and Stories, Hackney Pirates
New Internationalist: Green Muslims Grow
Future Challenges: Carrying Everest, Anti-Founder takes Speech Therapy to the UN in Cambodia, Globalisation – A Matter of Grey
Raspberry Magazine: To Type or Not to Type?, In the Name of Truthful Expression
The Cusp: Our Parental Leave Policy is Changing, How to Digital Detox without Losing Friends, Jobs or Social Life, The Reason Why You Don’t Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions, Life Lessons from the Legendary David Bowie

On Life, Travel and Wellbeing:

Collective Hub: Why have we become so obsessed with ‘wellness’? Why do we treat ourselves like sh*t?
Rebelle Society: The Art of Poetry is No Longer Lost
Emma Kate Co.: Rainbow Chaser Interview Series
Hermosas Chispas: Interviews with Brilliant Women – Leah Davies
White Blank Pages: Working Abroad | London | Writer
Nikki de Vet: Spotlight on Leah Davies
Yoga Lunchbox: Ourmala: The Yoga Centre Where Social Justice Comes First

Podcast Interviews:

Dream For Others: Leah Davies (Freethinker Co.)
WhyDev: Jargon, Mentoring and Festivals

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