We are a social enterprise that connects people to community, whether that be to your local neighbourhood or to the vast global collective.

Freethinker Co.

Why community?

Community isn’t a luxury in our opinion – it’s a necessity. We were not designed to be solitary creatures. We evolved to survive in tribes and the need to interact is deeply ingrained in our genetic code. In a rapidly changing world of innovation, cultural conflict, climate and environmental pressures, and radicalised opinions, the cracks are widening and there is more instances of social isolation than ever before.

We offer a range of avenues to encourage your freethinking because as Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We offer stories, yoga, podcast conversations and writing services to encourage what we call values-based conversations.

These conversations are the kind that are sensitive, caring, empowering, intentional and based on truth. They shift perspectives and bridge worlds – between you and I; between us and them.

Conversations like these create change and connect people to each other. Conversations like these are led by freethinkers.

Our aim is less silos and more recognition of our common ground. More celebration of our difference and unity in our sameness.

This is what we do – we mobilise communities.

Because of a mobilised community, we have seen:

  • Social justice campaigns and initiatives build momentum and gain mass support from the international community, resulting in changed practices and laws.
  • People who have faced more trauma than anyone should face in a lifetime, relax their shoulders, hold their head high and remember they are human, valued, and equal.
  • Diverse cultures and people from all walks of life mix and mingle, and connect over shared experiences.
  • Businesses, social enterprises and collectives build a community of loyal supporters and clients, which have embodied and spread their vision.

We also Give Back to a range of initiatives. Learn about who we support, and who you support, when choosing to collaborate with Freethinker Co.


Freethinker Co.

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