Carrying Everest
Carrying Everest is a forthcoming documentary that will share the stories of a hidden and marginalised people who support the Everest trekking industry in Nepal: the Kulung people. Set against the backdrop of some the most beautiful scenery in the world, the documentary will tell the personal stories of those living in the shadows of the world’s most famous mountain. It is first and foremost an exploration of the lives of a courageous group of people who risk so much for the betterment of the lives of their families. This will be the story of those who carry Everest. Find out more here.
OIC Cambodia
OIC is a program working to bring speech therapy to Cambodians with a communication and swallowing disability. They envision a Cambodia where people with a communication and swallowing disability have full, happy lives and participate fully in society. Find out more here.
Humankind Enterprises
Humankind Enterprises is a social enterprise that believes in the power of human connection to improve the social health and resilience of our communities. They utilise mobile spaces, events and experiences with their StoryPod video booths to capture ideas, opinions and stories that connect people. Find out more here.
Sahar Speaks
Sahar Speaks is an entrepreneurial news program which pairs aspiring female journalists in Afghanistan with international correspondents from various writing backgrounds, equipping female journalists with the skills, networking and publishing opportunities necessary to give a voice to women in Afghanistan. Find out more here.
Ourmala is a small charity in London that helps refugee and asylum-seeking women find strength through yoga. The main group they work with are registered with the UK Home Office to seek refuge in the United Kingdom. Find out more here.


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