Welcome to Freethinker Co.


We are a social enterprise bent on connecting people to community because we believe, together, we are stronger.


We create space for conversations that break the mould on common thinking by challenging stereotypes, engrained dogma and non-serving beliefs to encourage what we call freethinking.


We believe that from a conversation comes knowing, and from knowing comes caring, and from caring comes change – the positive, equitable and sustainable kind.


We have adopted a values-based approach to social change and development, and support your freethinking by encouraging values-based conversations – the type that strengthen our connection to each other, dismantle silos and mobilise community. We do this through our grassroots storytelling platform, on the mat at our yoga studio in Terrigal, Australia, via our podcast, and our writing services.


Our mission is social inclusion.

Creating change for the greater good is our purpose.

Welcome Freethinker.

Stay a while. Come learn some more.

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