Freethinker Co. leverages the stories of ethical businesses and enterprises, impactful brands and change agents who are creating a positive, equitable and sustainable imprint on the world.

We do this by communicating to make a difference — on projects, programs, campaigns, products, films, books, infographics, websites and workshops (and so much more), which open up opportunities for a better world.

Using our approach on conscious storytelling, we strengthen human connection and bridge worlds.

The worlds between you and your purpose, the worlds between your purpose and your audience, and the worlds between your audience and the impact you want to create.

Freethinker Co.

What We Do


We actively listen to your dream and scheme, question and poke to unravel the deeper essence, and then sift to remove the unnecessary clutter.

Our aim is to communicate your story to make a powerful and intentional impact.

How We Do It


Collaboration. It’s the heart of everything we do. To make a positive contribution to the world, there needs to be collaboration. The type that’s anchored in shared values, meaningful conversations, community development and long-term, sustainable goals.

Whether we work together on a copywriting/editing project, via consulting sessions or through our writing mentorship program, we are a team – through and through.

The Outcome


  • Copy that captivates and connects with the heart of your people.
  • Clarity of purpose, direction and how to action your most ingenious of ideas.
  • Confident and proud as the literary boss that you are.

Freethinker Co.

We’re talking paradigm shifts, strengthened human connection, empowered education and community building.

The stuff of change making.


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