Freethinking Conversations: Stories from Everyday Changemakers


Joan Didion once said that we tell ourselves stories in order to live.

We too believe this to be true. Stories can soothe us, inspire us, frighten us, shock us and warm us. They are the currency we trade our feelings in. And most importantly, they bring us together. They create space to share experiences, learn from each other and leap into imagination, collectively.

We think stories make the world a better place, and Freethinker Co. is a home for consciously-told stories and the brave and generous storytellers that share them.

In each episode of the Freethinking Conversations Podcast, we learn from everyday changemakers and hear about the stories that have shaped them and inspired us. Our conversations are with inspiring souls who are making the world a kinder, better place in a myriad of ways – big and small, loudly and quietly, here and elsewhere.

If you are a curious listener with a passion for social impact and a love for good stories, this is the podcast for you!

Your hosts are Jess Carter and Leah Davies, storytellers who share a passion for social justice, yogis with way too many patterned leggings, and media and international development professionals.

We are so grateful to have you joining the conversation with us. Tune in below…

Welcome to Freethinking Conversations!


Episode # 7: How to Forge Your Own Path in Work And Life

In this episode, writer and publisher Lauren Whybrow shares her secrets on how creatives and change makers can forge their own path in work and life. Lauren is currently the Communications Manager for Nightingale Housing, a social enterprise tackling Australia’s affordable housing crisis, and the co-founder of women’s website Broad At Work. She makes the [...]

Episode # 6: Lessons in Leadership

This episode, join us in conversation with Weh Yeoh, founder of OIC Cambodia, as he shares his biggest lessons on leadership. Weh founded and directed OIC Cambodia, a project that aims to establish speech therapy as a profession in Cambodia because he wanted to see speech therapy accessible to the one in 25 Cambodians who [...]

Episode # 5: Patience and Persistence

"Seek patience and passion in equal amounts. Patience alone will not build the temple. Passion alone will destroy its walls." - Maya Angelou In this episode, join co-hosts Leah Davies and Jess Carter in conversation about the delicate art of patience and persistence in the face of much-needed social change, and hear also about the [...]

Episode # 4: Yes, She Is Muslim

Join us in conversation with Daniel Chrisendo, a researcher and writer from Indonesia, currently living in Germany. Daniel writes stories that challenge our ideas about people, places and power. His article 'Yes, She Is Muslim' was widely shared and discussed on Freethinker Co, and in this episode we discuss the story behind it. You can [...]

Episode 3: Visual Storytelling to Bring Data to Life

How do we turn data in a spreadsheet into meaningful ideas and stories that move, calm and embolden us? This is just one of the questions we explore in an interview with visual storyteller and nutritionist Nima Yaghmaei, whose work has spanned storytelling projects with Syrian refugees to communities in India. Through his photography at [...]

Episode 2: Listening to Unheard Voices with Dr Kelly Royds

In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr Kelly Royds who uses participatory video as a storytelling and educational tool for children. Kelly is a child and youth development worker with 10 years of research, program management and communication experience. Her work and research for the past eight years has focused on the use [...]

Episode 1: Journalism vs Storytelling

In this first episode, we ask whether all journalism is storytelling and why it actually matters. In an era of fake news and 24-hour updates, we think it does!

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