Namaste & Welcome to you.

The Yoga Collective Terrigal (aka The Collective) is Freethinker Co’s boutique yoga studio and community hub. It is where yoga on and off the mat collide in the heart of Terrigal on the Central Coast, NSW.

Through Leah’s many years of advocacy work, she has discovered a profound truth: Yoga and social justice are one and the same. Yoga teaches us to live and speak our truth (Satya), to collaborate with comm‘unity’ (Sangha) and to be of service to others (Seva). Yoga is a vehicle for the ethical and sustainable changes we seek. The Collective is an initiative of Freethinker Co., which offers daily classes, workshops and events to connect people to community.

We believe in and provide opportunities for:
CONNECTION: Deepen and enrich your connection to you, to others and the world
COMMUNITY: Unite with like-minds and celebrate our diversity
CONTRIBUTION: Be of service, advocate and give back, both locally and globally

We believe it takes the collective to create the change we seek.


Everyone is welcome and equal at The Collective. No matter your experience, age, size, health or life path, you are invited to enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga with us in our safe and intimate studio in Terrigal.

We believe that the practice of yoga starts on the mat. The doing of yoga happens when you step off the mat and into the world.


The Collective is dedicated to upholding the values and dignity of yoga as an ancient holistic science with Eastern origins. We aim to support you to connect with your body, mind and soul, to join as a community of like-minded people, and to contribute in ethical and sustainable ways locally and globally.

We believe yoga is a vehicle for the positive changes we seek to create in our personal lives and the wider world around us.

If you’re in town, come practice with us! Hope to meet you on the mat soon.

Aums from us.


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