Contribution is our trajectory. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

When you choose to invest in, clarify and elevate your message to the world with the help of Freethinker Co., you choose to directly support these initiatives:

Carrying Everest is a forthcoming documentary that will share the stories of a hidden and marginalised people who support the Everest trekking industry in Nepal: the Kulung people. Set against the backdrop of some the most beautiful scenery in the world, the documentary will tell the personal stories of those living in the shadows of the world’s most famous mountain. It is first and foremost an exploration of the lives of a courageous group of people who risk so much for the betterment of the lives of their families. This will be the story of those who carry Everest. Find out more here.
Choose Your Animal is a high-quality, eco-fashion, active wear brand created to help the planet. The fabric is made from recycled and reclaimed plastic bottles, fishing nets, carpets, and textiles to reduce the pressure on landfill, the oceans and the environment. The designs feature animals that are at high-risk of threat to promote their conservation. 10% of proceeds are proudly donated to a small registered charity working for the specific animal’s protection and dignity. We stock and sell Choose Your Animal tights and board shorts at the studio in sizes XS, S, M and L. Practice yoga and wear your cause!
The Offspring Project is a non-profit organisation aims to help restore the lives of young women in Kolkata, India, who have been freed from the sex trafficking trade. These clutches are hand-made in fair trade conditions using recycled saris by these young women. ALL profits go directly back into Kolkata to help employ, educate and empower sex trafficked survivors.
Everest Mera Foundation is a registered charitable NGO in Nepal. Their primary concern is the hundreds of orphan children from the Mahakulung Region of Eastern Nepal who have lost their parents to the Everest tourism industry, mostly working as porters on the treacherous slopes of the world’s tallest peak.
Turtley Strawesome love turtles. In fact, they love all creatures of our ocean. But something is happening to our sweet expanse of water. It’s drowning in shitty plastic that we humans have chucked away without a second thought. What’s more it’s destroying our turtles and water bound creatures in a BIG way. But alas there is a plastic free alternative! We have provided you for your plastic free pleasure, reusable metal straws.
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