This workbook has been created to nurture and bring out the graceful poet in you.

The part of you, which yearns to be heard and seen. Diss the head talk, we mean words that come straight from your heart and reflect back the alive, unabridged and unlimited edition of yourself.

It’s not always so easy to tap into that place and to curate from your centre. A wandering mind and a strategising logic can push those inner murmurs to the back burner. And just like most things which are good for you, the pull will tighten with each snub.

It will knock at the door of your soul until you loosen and listen.
 It will turn, twist and wriggle its way from the squashed confines of your very mind.

It will surface and wait patiently for your attention, and when it does, we want you to honour the call and step into your role as a poet.

We want you to dive deep into your soul, despite the fear and the vulnerability.
 We want you to feel all that needs to be felt, wholeheartedly.

And we want you to scribe those feelings into words; words of your own sacred choosing.


“The Poetic workbook is a sweet revelation for writers. It courageously calls the reader to find the poetry written inside us all, bring it forth with glee and share it with the world. Insanely gorgeous words weaved together practical advice for finding your unique poetic style. It will transform your writing and guide you to sublime creative expression. I absolutely loved it”Kris Franken

“Poetry is the language our soul speaks – the voice of our authenticity and a way to express our true, deeper selves. Poetic: The Workbook is colourful and whimsical, yet practical also. It helps to make the intangible, tangible, through an exploration of heart-expressed poetry. I recommend this workbook to anyone wishing to connect more deeply to themselves and their readers through poetry”Carolyn Trott

Your Investment: $12

The Poetic Workbook is:

For you if you….

  • Crave another way to express your message, distinct from the rigidity and push of sales and biz language
  • Want to experiment with and explore the deep musings of your pulsating heart
  • Are ready to get truly vulnerable and expose some rather deep truths (the light and the shadows)
  • Want to strengthen your connection with your readers in a way that is authentic, honest and uninhibited by expectation (yours and others)
Not for you if you….

  • Cringe at the words deep, soul, heart, expression, feelings, creativity, truth… Anything to do with poetry really!
  • Don’t harbour great gratitude for the beauty of our words
  • Are not passionate, open or willing ‘to do the work’ and by work, we mean soul dig (shovel at the ready!)
  • Think Full Heart Expression is a load of BS


“Poetic has reminded me that there are much more words to describe my world than the ones my mind tells me to use. It has reminded me to feel before I write because when I feel, my words are deeper and the connection is greater. I love how Poetic helps you cross over the mind zone into the heart zone, because that is where magic happens. Truly grateful for this workbook and the door it has opened in my heart to go deeper and rescue that part of my soul that so deeply wants to flourish and express itself. Thank you girls, you have created something beautiful, touching and transforming”Gaby Gogarty

“Oh my gosh – it is amazing! Poetic is the gentle whisper to your soul. The pages are seriously beautiful and I couldn’t just stop at the first. Every line resonates with me in some way, shape or form to the point where it’s impossible not to be brimming with inspiration. I can’t wait to curl up somewhere and immerse myself completely within the pages of this workbook”Rachel Renee


Come join us.

Come be Poetic.


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