Episode # 4: Yes, She Is Muslim

Join us in conversation with Daniel Chrisendo, a researcher and writer from Indonesia, currently living in Germany. Daniel writes stories that challenge our ideas about people, places and power. His article ‘Yes, She Is Muslim’ was widely shared and discussed on Freethinker Co, and in this episode we discuss the story behind it.

You can read the original story here.

Tune in and listen to this conversation here:

And here’s what else we’re enjoying in the world of conscious storytelling this month:


Melbourne-based sociologist Susan Carland shares her experiences of advocating for a more open-hearted Australia in this episode of the Dumbo Feather podcast.


“What is a real Aussie?” asks artist Peter Drew through his posters, which challenge the neglected histories of immigrants and their contribution to our communities and larger society.


We’re loving the Frida Fund, a feminist fund supporting young women, girls and transexual youth make change in the world. These guys are unstoppable. They’ve completed five grant cycles, and cumulatively supported 150 different groups of young feminists in over 80 different countries around the world, awarding 1.3 million USD in direct grants. Learn about what they do and why here.

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