You want to captivate. Have people stop in their tracks to hear your message. You want them to contemplate it and let it sink deep into their bones. And most importantly, you want your audience to follow-up with action.

To create copy that urges your reader to return time and time again to your brand, product or website, each and every word you use needs to be chosen with an intention.


To resonate beyond the small talk, you have to start talking BIG, and that means adding value to your readers’ lives by cutting through the clutter (aka the crap!)

How you say?

With a voice that is polished, clear and authentic — a voice that outshines in quality and delivers consistently.

Freethinker Co.

Style types


Creative Copywriting & Editing:

Create copy that dances across the page with ease and flow, while taking your reader on an unforgettable journey. Punctuated with wit, poetic grace and your insatiable humour (if that’s your style), the words speak of you. Your unmistakably unique personality is infused into each chosen syllable to communicate your story with impact, boldness and of course, clarity.

Research-based Copywriting & Editing:

Optimise how your message is communicated by harnessing the power of the story to engage, educate and empower your reader through annual and research reports, promotional and marketing material, program information, website information, events, books and much more.

How it works


1. Meet, greet and intentions set

  • Straight up, we want to get to know you, your business, your brand or organisation, and understand your purpose, your people, your story, your voice. Why you do what you do essentially.
  • Then we want to get crystal clear on the copy you want created, re-crafted and/or edited and the biggy, your intention – How it will be used, what you want it to achieve, how you want your reader to feel and the message you want to portray.
  • To begin, you will receive the Intention Form to your email which outlines all the questions I need to know so we can start from a place of shared understanding, as well as the Terms and Conditions of our valued working relationship.
  • We will then arrange a time to meet via skype on the first day of your package so we can say hello and connect (which is an important part of how we work), and together, we review exactly what you want and how you want it. No uncertainties. No question unturned. Completely on the same page and excited to co-create!
2. Drafting and sketching

  • Then we get to business. This is when we collate all we have discussed and start weaving the magic. Your intention front and centre as we create the draft(s) for the content you want to produce or edit.
  • To make the most of our time together and allow for open and honest dialogue, I will share the drafts as we curate them on Google Docs for you to review and add your feedback, tweaks and tips. You are included in the creative process, every step of the way.
  • Following your review, we will consolidate your comments to meet your specific requests, preparing for the final copy. The gold.
3. The gold at the ready

  • With the compiled draft(s) at the ready, we will ask you to review what we have created in Google Docs one more time – soaking in the words and the message, sharing your final insights. If you would prefer, we can also do this concluding review over skype. The option is yours.
  • Then we perfect the art. Add the silver lining. Bring the razzle dazzle.
  • The final documents are then neatly packaged and sent directly to you via email or Google Docs in the format of your choosing.

This is when you smile and put your feet up with cup of tea in hand, knowing your words and message are ready for the world to see. Happy days!

Freethinker Co.




If you have a document or two that needs a splash of brilliance and should take less than a day to create or edit, we can discuss the estimated time it will involve and get started.
Ideal for:

  • Website page review and edit
  • An outlined blog post
  • A statement or press release
  • A magazine feature (1-2 pages)
  • A short report or e-book proof-read



A day full of drive and direction as I bring your small project, online content or blog to life.
Ideal for:

  • A feature story (600 – 800 words) including interview and write up for print or online
  • Defined blog posts (2 or 3)
  • New content for your website (an engaging about page or signature sales page)
  • Website content review and re-master



You have a bundle of supporting documents or a defined project area that requires someone’s full-hearted attention over a couple days to give your work flight.
Ideal for:

  • A collection of blog posts, website copy and rejigging, and social media prompts and bites leading up to a launch of a project or product
  • E-book and report contributions and edits
  • Short and punchy media package
  • Package of 3-4 feature stories (600 – 800 words each) involving interview and write up for print or online



For big projects, major ventures and grand schemes to rock the socks off your community and say change with a BANG.
Ideal for:

  • Complete website styling (including pages such as home, about, project description, media, sales and services, client questionnaire and testimonial page)
  • Package of 5-6 feature stories (600-800 words each) including interview and write up for print or online
  • Full copy for affiliate program
  • Script for video/film
  • Edited e-book or the hard copy kind (100+ pages)

Have a long-term project in mind? Want to hire Freethinker Co. to join your editorial team? Make contact and we can talk!

Think we will work superbly together?

Let’s take your writing to a whole new level and truly connect with your community of readers.


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