She has the red sand under her skin

Donna Giliam wandered Australia for years – from the desert to the Kimberley to the tropics and back to the desert again. During this time, she worked and studied hard with her eldest daughter in tow. After years of travel and immersion in some of Australia’s most remote indigenous communities, Donna finally finished her studies […]

Privilege at its finest

Sometimes it feels nice to complain. Let’s admit it, we all do it and some more than others.   I’m not a big complainer at all. Usually I get on with it, and have little patience for unnecessary complaints. But as I said, sometimes it is nice to complain, and in those moments all you […]

Stories from Carrying Everest # 3: Identity and Its Preservation

Call it a myth, call it a story, call it a sequence of sacred tales. To the Kulung, it is known as Riddum (or Mundum/Mundhum) and since time immoral, these series of memories and fables have been shared orally from one generation to the next to depict the origins of the cosmos – or simply, […]

Stories from Carrying Everest # 2: Lessons and Insights of Immersion

We crossed a line. That fuzzy, indeterminate, unfixed space between tourist and local. Between outsider and insider. It’s a bizarre, privileged and delicate place to be. When a project or opportunity invites your full immersion, the stakes are higher. The lessons are steeper, your participation in all types of activities is acutely important, and your […]

Stories from Carrying Everest # 1: A Sense of Place

“Sewa,” says a young dimpled-faced girl as she straddles her schoolbooks close to her chest and walks through a field of tall millet that almost hide her face. Buffalos munch on grass and inquisitively look on with big brown eyes. Roosters crow to the high sun, and a queue of mules navigate the rocky footpath, […]

Island Life in Niue: An Expat’s Perspective

The moment travel morphs into something more, you know you’ve crossed a line. No longer a tourist or traveller, you enter the world of the expat when you choose to live somewhere new and immerse into a different culture and place.   Shanny Matterson, the freelance travel writer and creative copywriting guru from Rebel and […]

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Bosnia

“The constant challenge is to not feel sorry for ourselves,” said Thomas** as we drove – or rather, bounced around Mostar in his hotted-up van with wild suspension and turbo-folk (the name for Serbian electric dance music) blaring from the speakers. More than 20 years ago, Thomas escaped Bosnia during the war and exiled for […]

Carrying Everest

Have you been moved by a cause, an opportunity or a story to the point that you knew you had to do something – anything – to help?   I have, several times in the life, and for the past nine months I have been working quietly and dutifully behind the scenes with my friends […]

Changing with Iceland

Have you been somewhere that has enveloped you, caressed your shoulders and juddered you sideways until you your eyes and your heart opened to their full capacity? Have you been somewhere that has been so different to anything you have ever known or experienced, unnerving and stretching the margins of your comfort zone wider than […]

Travel the world

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, she asked me a beautiful question. “What is the best way to learn?” she queried.   Before my lips could catch up with my heart, in a lightning flash I answered: “Travel the world.” As a child, I always felt a little different and not quite like […]

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