How to connect with your muse

It's time to knuckle down and create that blog post, freelance article or the early drafts of that book. You have made the commitment - to others and to yourself - but the inspiration (and motivation) is just not there. The ideas are far and few between and time is slipping away. This makes you Read More

How to write to have an impact

A conversation, a divinely worded paragraph in a book you are reading or perhaps a random act of kindness you were fortunate to witness has you excited. The sparks are flying, ideas are flowing and you’re feeling inspired to write a blog post, an article or a story to share with your readers; something that Read More

Write wildly, not perfectly

Wild abandonment of the rules.   Relinquished patterns and typical ways. Free expression. Uninhibited honesties. Open mic, no script, completely off-the-cuff. This is what writing is about. This is what is impressive. Someone who writes wildly, not perfectly. In my coaching sessions with aspiring wordsmiths – who by the way, flaw me with their creative Read More

What’s in a story?

A start, middle and end. A journey told. Lessons unveiled. Questions unearthed. Truths revealed. Is this the essence of a story, or is there more? What makes a story powerful and transformative? They’re just words after all, right? Wrong. So very wrong actually.   Words change the world, really, they do. Through the stories that Read More

Find Your Voice Values

Your voice, whether you realise it or not, is guided by an ethical barometer. Each word you choose to put down on the page - whether that happens through a delicate process of tuning in, eliminating and reflecting, or quite the contrary as it often is the case, in a bizarre and haphazard explosion of Read More

The Holy Grail of Writing (Consult, Engage, Ask!)

An idea hits you. You’re almost rolled over by its intensity and force. Plucked from the ethers above and cradled to the very tips of your fingers, the intangible all of a sudden takes form and shape. You can picture it. You see it play out in your mind. The opportunities. The possibilities. The change Read More

Declutter Your Words

When you sit to write, do you want to make your point abundantly and exquisitely clear? Do you want to capture every detail with compelling description and paint a picture so elegantly for your reader, they may as well have been there, sitting side-by-side you, or better yet, lodged in your brain? Does the story Read More

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