Hush. I’m mourning.

I see your woolen jumper folded neatly in the corner of my wardrobe. So soft to touch and still fragrant with your scent. The bitterness of coffee meets the salty flavor of an ocean breeze. My eyes tell the tale of longing and missing your every word, your every embrace. Where have you gone? Where Read More

Death Enchantment for Life Enhancement

Rose Sexton is a death doula who lives in Mount Beauty in Victoria. She supports those who are dying and those who are living to live a more conscious life. Carolyn: Hi Rose. Can you tell me about what a death doula is and why you were drawn to this role?   Rose: Death doulas Read More

Yes, She Is Muslim

Dina went to a bar. Yes. She went several times to a jazz bar and salsa club in Ghent, Belgium. You might be thinking “so what?,” but you see, Dina is a young Muslim girl from Indonesia and shouldn’t go to these kind of places. They’re considered a place of sin by some Muslims. I Read More

Climate Warriors Pray for the Pacific

It was the October 17th 2015 and thirty Pacific Climate Warriors had just blockaded the largest coal port in the world in Newcastle, Australia. They had done this using traditionally made hand carved canoes to send a very clear message to Australia: that the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry was exporting destruction Read More

Do you ever think about death?

Harry: Do you ever think about death?
 Sally: Yes.
 Harry: Sure you do, a fleeting thought that jumps in and
 out of the transom of your mind. I spend hours, I spend days...
 Sally: And you think that makes you a better person.
 Harry: Look, when the shit comes down I'm gonna be prepared
and you're Read More

Responding to life post US election

Many people on my Facebook timeline are distraught with Wednesday's US election. There are feelings of sadness, anger, confusion and even rage. There's an overwhelming feeling that things are going to get worse. This may well be the case, especially for those who are already more vulnerable than others. There's lots of finger pointing going Read More

Symbolism and Spiritualism in Turkey

"All loves are a bridge to Divine love. Yet, those who have not had a taste of it do not know!" – Rumi   Elaborate spinning with the right hand extended to the sky to receive love from the Universe and the left hand turned down towards the Earth to ground and root into human Read More

A Prayer for Nepal

There is a thunder in our hearts. An ache in our souls.   The home of pure heart connection – the place where the heavens kiss the earth’s highest peaks and the people resonate with ample humbleness – has been ravaged by destruction and despair. There is an untethered silence; a deep cry for help Read More

Changing with Iceland

Have you been somewhere that has enveloped you, caressed your shoulders and juddered you sideways until you your eyes and your heart opened to their full capacity? Have you been somewhere that has been so different to anything you have ever known or experienced, unnerving and stretching the margins of your comfort zone wider than Read More

Travel the world

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, she asked me a beautiful question. “What is the best way to learn?” she queried.   Before my lips could catch up with my heart, in a lightning flash I answered: “Travel the world.” As a child, I always felt a little different and not quite like Read More

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