Freethinking Conversations: A podcast about the stories behind storytelling


Joan Didion once said that we tell ourselves stories in order to live.

We too believe this to be true. Stories can soothe us, inspire us, frighten us, shock us and warm us. They are the currency we trade our feelings in. And most importantly, they bring us together. They create space to share experiences, learn from each other and leap into imagination, collectively.

Freethinker Co. is home to consciously-told stories, the types that inspire us to listen and love more. But of course, behind every story and storyteller, there is a richer canvas of raw experience and murky understanding. It’s here that the Freethinking Conversations podcast lives.

This is a podcast about the stories behind storytelling. If you care about telling stories that create social impact, this is the podcast for you!

We are Jess Carter and Leah Davies, media and international development professionals, and the hosts of Freethinking Conversations. In every episode, we engage in conversations with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, writers and change-makers from all over the globe.

Together we unpick the blueprint of how we tell our stories and investigate how we might approach it more consciously. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve got lots of big questions, plenty to learn, and we invite you to join us on our journey.

Welcome to Freethinking Conversations!


Episode 1: Journalism vs Storytelling

In this first episode, we ask whether all journalism is storytelling and why it actually matters. In an era of fake news and 24-hour updates, we think it does!

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