Act Like You Matter

With what’s happening in the world today, it is more important than ever to act like you matter. Part of this means speaking out and taking action for change. The other half of it is caring for yourself. And to be brutally honest, your good intentions mean nothing if you’re not well enough to follow Read More

Privilege at its finest

Sometimes it feels nice to complain. Let’s admit it, we all do it and some more than others.   I’m not a big complainer at all. Usually I get on with it, and have little patience for unnecessary complaints. But as I said, sometimes it is nice to complain, and in those moments all you Read More

Alive With Theatre

Beep beep, went my phone. “Ciao. Let’s meet at Piazza Castello at 5pm, between the two horses,” said the message I received from Claudio. “Si. I will see you exactly in the middle, not even 5cm away from the middle. Hahaha. Ciao,” I replied. At twenty minutes to 5pm, I left the house of my Read More

Transforming Depression: Five steps to an Alternative Perspective

Clinically diagnosed depression rates around the world vary between countries, but fall somewhere in the vicinity of four to seven percent in each each population. A quick search online will give you another statistic: eighty percent of those with depression go undiagnosed. On top of this, Australian organisation Beyond Blue states that one in five Read More

6 Hassle Free Swaps At The Grocery Store To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Trying to reduce your plastic waste can be entirely overwhelming. When you look at your shopping, the majority of it is likely wrapped in plastic. So how do you still find something to eat yet stop producing massive amounts of trash? I’d say start with tiny baby steps. You do not have to overhaul your Read More

Do you ever think about death?

Harry: Do you ever think about death?
 Sally: Yes.
 Harry: Sure you do, a fleeting thought that jumps in and
 out of the transom of your mind. I spend hours, I spend days...
 Sally: And you think that makes you a better person.
 Harry: Look, when the shit comes down I'm gonna be prepared
and you're Read More

The ‘New Normal’ Family: Positively Transforming through Separation and Divorce

I was sitting in our van alone, in heavy rain, crying in the dark with little relief. It was December 2014 and I had just, finally, admitted to myself that our marriage was over. Two daughters and what felt like a lifetime of travel and outdoor experiences weren’t enough to keep us together. We had Read More

8 Unexpected Benefits of Reducing My Plastic Waste

When I first realised the catastrophic problem plastic creates for our oceans, I felt completely powerless. I learnt that in one week we go through 10 billion plastic bags worldwide and we will add 14 billion pounds of trash to the ocean this year, 60-90% of which - you guessed it - is plastic. I Read More

Island Life in Niue: An Expat’s Perspective

The moment travel morphs into something more, you know you've crossed a line. No longer a tourist or traveller, you enter the world of the expat when you choose to live somewhere new and immerse into a different culture and place.   Shanny Matterson, the freelance travel writer and creative copywriting guru from Rebel and Read More

Pacific Tales

After a good talanoa session? A conversation, an exchange, an opportunity to tell your story and hear that of another? The Australian-born Pacific Islander Arieta Tora is the founder of Talanoa, a storytelling venture which captures the tales and yarns of young people in the Pacific as a way of educating, empowering and inspiring through Read More

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