Climate Warriors Pray for the Pacific

It was the October 17th 2015 and thirty Pacific Climate Warriors had just blockaded the largest coal port in the world in Newcastle, Australia. They had done this using traditionally made hand carved canoes to send a very clear message to Australia: that the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry was exporting destruction Read More

6 Hassle Free Swaps At The Grocery Store To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Trying to reduce your plastic waste can be entirely overwhelming. When you look at your shopping, the majority of it is likely wrapped in plastic. So how do you still find something to eat yet stop producing massive amounts of trash? I’d say start with tiny baby steps. You do not have to overhaul your Read More

8 Unexpected Benefits of Reducing My Plastic Waste

When I first realised the catastrophic problem plastic creates for our oceans, I felt completely powerless. I learnt that in one week we go through 10 billion plastic bags worldwide and we will add 14 billion pounds of trash to the ocean this year, 60-90% of which - you guessed it - is plastic. I Read More

Enough of the broken global food system already!

India loses enough fruits and vegetables to provide every undernourished Indian with over one kilogram of food each day. In Sub Saharan Africa – a region where nearly one third of people are famished – more than 30% of food produced rots or is damaged beyond edibility before it even reaches the table, let alone Read More

Save the Gentle Greyhound

Meet Gretal, a three year-old black and white Greyhound who was moments away from being euthanised last week. Her crime?   She “doesn’t chase”, explained her racing owner. Gretal was saved by Janette Cocks, a veterinary nurse and one of Newcastle’s very few Greyhound carers, who has valiantly stepped in more times than she can Read More

A Prayer for Nepal

There is a thunder in our hearts. An ache in our souls.   The home of pure heart connection – the place where the heavens kiss the earth’s highest peaks and the people resonate with ample humbleness – has been ravaged by destruction and despair. There is an untethered silence; a deep cry for help Read More

Your garbage is valuable

All waste has residual value. ALL.   From your old, rusted washing machine to your dated venetian blinds - products you may consider to be garbage or landfill after their expiry date – they all have great worth and can be re-used to have an enduring impact on our planet and those living on it Read More

On the farm

At age 17, Daniel Chrisendo distinctively recalls a conversation he had with himself. “I remember asking myself: What will I do with this life?" Today he asks the same question but this time, he has an answer.   Currently in Ghent, Belgium, studying an International Master of Science in Rural Development, Daniel is on a Read More

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