Alive With Theatre

Beep beep, went my phone. “Ciao. Let’s meet at Piazza Castello at 5pm, between the two horses,” said the message I received from Claudio. “Si. I will see you exactly in the middle, not even 5cm away from the middle. Hahaha. Ciao,” I replied. At twenty minutes to 5pm, I left the house of my Read More

emPOWERment: Taking action on what’s important to us

Dedicated to Patsy. "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves" - Thomas Edison.   I have a friend and colleague who is absolutely incredible. In her job, she works tirelessly to improve the lives of the poor. To bring light to the issues they face and inspire Read More

If I was appointed the Minister for Education in Afghanistan…

Imagine you were appointed the Minister for Education in Afghanistan. Imagine you had the power to change anything you wanted about the schools across the country. Tell me, what would you do?   What changes would you make in primary schools, high schools and universities? Do you think boys and girls should study in a Read More

20 Years of Storytelling and Advocacy in the Pacific

Peter Sipeli is a freethinker. For over 20 years, he’s shared his thoughts, experiences and stories in the hope of opening minds and hearts to create change across the Pacific, particularly in the human rights and LGBTIQ space. Today, Peter is still a passionate storyteller and human rights advocate. He’s also an arts manager, a Read More

Pacific Tales

After a good talanoa session? A conversation, an exchange, an opportunity to tell your story and hear that of another? The Australian-born Pacific Islander Arieta Tora is the founder of Talanoa, a storytelling venture which captures the tales and yarns of young people in the Pacific as a way of educating, empowering and inspiring through Read More

Give music a chance

Amongst the rubble and wreckage of one of Gaza’s former musical theatres stood a grand concert piano - stoic, intact and almost unscathed. The ruined Nawras Theatre was one of Gaza’s very few auditoriums before it was bombed during the war with Israel last year and the grand piano is Gaza’s one and only. The Read More

Your garbage is valuable

All waste has residual value. ALL.   From your old, rusted washing machine to your dated venetian blinds - products you may consider to be garbage or landfill after their expiry date – they all have great worth and can be re-used to have an enduring impact on our planet and those living on it Read More

Your happy place

Your happy place.   What does it feel like? What does it look like? Better yet, why is it happy? I know a happy place in Shoreditch, in East London. It’s fairly new but already it has been honoured with the title of London’s first Happy Café by Action for Happiness – and it’s easy Read More

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