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When you choose to invest in, clarify and elevate your message to the world with the help of Freethinker Co., you choose to directly support a female journalist in Afghanistan to have their voice heard through the entrepreneurial news program called Sahar Speaks.

Freethinker Co. will donate 5% of your package, whether that be Communication Consulting, Copywriting & Editing, or Mentoring for Writers, to Sahar Speaks, which is equipping Afghan female journalists with the skills, networking and publishing opportunities necessary to get heard on the global stage.

As surprising as it may seem, until Sahar Speaks was established, not a single Afghan woman worked for the international press in the country, in any kind of capacity.

Sahar Speaks is changing that.


Freethinker Co.

Photo: Joel van Houdt

Amie Ferris-Rotman, the founder and director, explains: “As journalists, we are meant to cover every aspect of a country, not least half of the population.”

Instead, Afghan men, foreign men and foreign women are telling the stories of Afghan women. They are telling the stories of their rights, issues and struggles despite their removed connection to the reality lived and experienced by the women of Afghanistan. Strict cultural customs that prohibit most Afghan women from speaking to most Afghan men pose further barriers.

For the first time in history in June 2016, as part of the pilot program, Huffington Post published the 12 Sahar Speaks’ participants’ stories for the world to read and the response was phenomenal.

This small but powerful operation is now seeking to train more women, women from Afghanistan’s rural provinces too, as part of round two.

By choosing to collaborate with Freethinker Co., you choose to help a brave female journalist in Afghanistan tell her story to the global community.

You help to change a sexist media industry.
You help give value to a woman’s voice.

Thank you for contribution, freethinker. Your donation goes very, very far in Afghanistan! You will be issued a tax deductible receipt at the beginning of your package from Crowdrise for your records.

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