Turn away or take action?

We are faced with this dilemma every single day.

From the moment you turn on the news, scroll your Facebook feed, walk the streets of your community or simply have a chat with someone, there are countless opportunities for you to listen and take heed, or to disconnect and disengage.

Freethinker Co. supports people who couldn’t ignore the pull. When faced with the crossroad, they chose to pursue rather than cower.

They decided to lead instead of turning a blind eye…


Freethinker Co.

We are a social enterprise that connects people to community, whether that be to your local neighbourhood or to the vast global collective.

Why community?

Community isn’t a luxury in our opinion – it’s a necessity. We were not designed to be solitary creatures. We evolved to survive in tribes and the need to interact is deeply ingrained in our genetic code. In a rapidly changing world of innovation, cultural conflict, climate and environmental pressures, and radicalised opinions, the cracks are widening and there is more instances of social isolation than ever before.

We offer a range of avenues to encourage your freethinking because as Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We offer stories, yoga, podcast conversations and writing services to amplify your impact and advocate for positive change.

We ultimately give you a voice but the way we do, well, it’s a little different…


Freethinker Co. breaks the mould on dominant narratives, which have been recycled (and upcycled!) for generations upon generations. Those stories which are not stories founded in truth, but rather driven by fear of difference, otherness and the unknown.

You know the ones… the ones, which tell you that ‘boat people’ are not welcome, that youth are too young to be change agents, that your health and wellbeing is second to others, that your gender determines your access to opportunity, that religions divide, that the elderly have no voice, that sexuality is black and white, and that our earth will continue to support us despite our continued abuse of it… The list goes on and on.
Those types of stories sustain injustice, praise the status quo and celebrate limited thinking, and frankly, we believe the world is far too beautiful to be filled with such nonsense.

The problem though is that these are ‘dominant’ stories for a reason. They are accepted by the majority of people and can only be changed by introducing a new formulaic – one founded on the idea of conscious storytelling.

If we tell stories consciously – with well-researched information, creative vision, great awareness of the issues, sensitivities and lessons at play, and share the message with an intention to create a shift in perception for the greater social good – this is how we can change the world.

One conscious storyteller at a time.


Freethinker Co.

We also have a direct Give Back Policy . Learn how you can help an Afghan female journalist get heard by choosing to collaborate with Freethinker Co.

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